Our Investment Thesis

High Growth Web Assets, Optimally Diversified

We invest in a wide variety of rapidly growing digital brands. We seek resiliency and durability across three distinct layers:


As a company, we acquire diverse digital brands that resonate with people and inspire them. This strategy lets us be part of various industries and helps us adapt to new trends, whether they’re popular or niche.

Income Sources

We establish varied income sources for each brand in our portfolio. This includes methods such as advertising, forming partnerships, and offering memberships, ensuring our earnings are steady and diverse.

Traffic Channels

While we value the importance of Google searches to drive visitors to our sites, we don’t solely rely on it. We also use social media, YouTube, and niche platforms to attract and engage our audience, fostering loyalty and a greater sense of community.

We seek digital properties meeting the following criteria:

Well-established brands

Strong Fundamentals

Simple business models

Durable competitive advantage

Great teams with a positive culture

Successful track records of 4+ years

Our Fast, Friendly, and Simple Process is Easy and Convenient

Working with us, you’ll experience:

  • Efficient Due Diligence: We focus on what truly matters, making the process a breeze.
  • No Golden Handcuffs: Founders can stay or leave after the deal—no strings attached.
  • Straightforward Terms: We keep things simple to ensure both parties are aligned.