Selling Your Company Can Be A Drag…

After months of negotiations, you might end up with a mountain of legal fees and no deal to show for it. And even if your deal closes, it's no fun watching the new owners stumble with the business you've poured your heart and soul into.

That's why we started Solid Ventures—to be the kind of buyer we always wished for.
We're all about offering fair, speedy, and founder-friendly deals.

Why Sell To Us?

We stand out from the crowd by offering:

  • Competitive offers without sneaky and costly commission fees
  • A streamlined, no-hassle process
  • A strong track record you can rely on
  • Continued growth for your business after we shake hands

Owner Experiences

How Are We Different?

The Highest Bidder through a Website Broker

  • Competitive offer
  • No assurance of buyer’s track record & competency
  • High commissions reduce sale proceeds
  • Complex process often taking longer than a direct deal
  • Your business may be diminished or closed

  • Highly Competitive Offers
  • Direct deal increases sale proceeds
  • Streamlined process and fast closing
  • Assurance of track record & competency
  • Your business will continue it’s growth
  • Your team members are welcomed & valued

One of Your Competitors

  • Direct deal increases sale proceeds
  • Negotiating a competitive price may be difficult
  • Potential loss of entire team or down-sizing
  • Strong risk of stolen IP if the deal isn’t closed
  • Your business may be diminished or neglected

We’re NOT Your Average Buyer

Seasoned Operators: Our team rocks at SEO, content creation, and site monetization. We're hands-on and passionate about sustainable growth.

Industry Experience: Our diverse background gives us unique insights into different competitive landscapes.

Simplified Process: From our first hello to closing the deal, we keep communication clear and friendly for a stress-free experience.

Highly Competitive Price: We offer top prices for top-notch digital properties, ensuring both parties feel good about the deal.

Our Acquisition Process

  • Introductory call

    We work to learn as much as possible about your web asset and your goals for selling it.

  • Traffic and earnings

    We request access to your metrics to understand traffic and profits.

  • Contingent offers

    We present you with a contingent offer figure or range for your business.

  • Due diligence

    We review and validate your financial transactions and reports.

  • Closing

    We present a written offer and work with you to ensure a smooth finish.

We buy digital assets having:

Well-established brands

Strong fundamentals

Simple business models

Durable competitive advantage

Great teams with a positive culture

Successful track record of 4+ years

Our Fast, Friendly, and Simple Process is Easy and Convenient

When working with us, you’ll experience:

  • Efficient Due Diligence: We focus on what truly matters, making the process a breeze.
  • No Golden Handcuffs: Founders can stay or leave after the deal—no strings attached.
  • Straightforward Terms: We keep things simple to ensure both parties are aligned.

Ready to Reach YourFinancial Goals?

We’re all about helping web business owners like you succeed. If you’re thinking of selling your digital property or know someone who is, give us a shout!

We’re eager to hear from you and help you reach your financial goals.

Know someone we should be talking to?

Refer them to us, and earn a finder’s fee.
Finder's fees range from $15,000 to $150,000+ for successful referrals.
You need only introduce us & we’ll take it from there.